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vendredi 3 septembre 2010
par  lpjean23
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Hello everyone,let me tell you about our lunch at Jean XXIII in Paita on Wednesday,Ist September.There were eight of us:Erin and Sue Mattei,Chantal Lescane,Indira Le Pommelec, Rose-France Bondarenko,Natalie Girin and two Patricias, Trisha Giovanetti and myself.Actually I should say there were nine of us, because little eight-months-old Enya,Erin’s daughter, was there as well.But she was so quiet and unobtrusive that she never made herself heard,contrary to most of us ! We were welcomed by Mailys and her staff of pupils who showed us around the whole school,including the sportsground and the dormitories.We had a pleasant walk around the gardens,too ;well,except for the one dumb woman who had put on high-heeled shoes (yours truly of course !) One of the pupils,Susanna, gave us a warm welcome speech ;we were impressed by her good accent but got her very confused as some of us advised her to keep her lovely French accent whereas others ,like her teacher, did not ! After that we had a lovely fruit juice cocktail ;some of us are still trying to figure out what on earth was in it because there was a delightful tang to it ;we did ask what was in it but apparently mum was the word ! Then we met the Head of the school and the Deputee Head who welcomed us and told us about the trip to Australia (Gold Coast) that some of the pupils would be going on in the near future for a training period of ten weeks.We were also told that the dining room was brand new ;it was a lovely place indeed, with high ceilings .After that we all went in to have lunch. We sat at a beautifully laid table covered in blue. Everyone of us had their own menu with their names on it and different pictures on it according to their nationalities. It was lovely !(Well, actually, baby Enya did not have one,but she did not seem to mind). Four of Maïlys’s pupils were sitting with us at table while the other four were waiting on us hand and foot. They were going to swap at the end of the meal, for dessert and coffee. We had appetizers first ; then we were presented with a choice of either fish or puff pastry with meat stuffing ;some of us chose the fish but everyone ended up with the puff pastries anyway ;apparently the fish salad had been very successful before we arrived on the scene...In fact it did not matter because the entrée was very good.Then some of us had "pork chops charcutiere" with a lovely wine sauce while the others had fish .According to the photo on the menu it was dawa ("unicorn fish") and according to some waiters it was "bossu" but what we had on our plates was definitely"daurade".Well anyway,it was fish with a superb (in my opinion) sauce with a lemony taste.We all had potatoes , Brussel sprouts and chockos with our meal (it gave me a chance to learn the English for"chouchoute",a typical New Caledonia vegetable) ( Thank you Erin !). But it was so copious that nobody finihed off their plates. Of course we all talked a lot during lunch ;we also tried to get into conversation with the pupils sitting near us ;some of them were extremely shy but most of them understood what we said and they were all very nice to us. Rose-France had an excellent idea:let’s have some wine,she said,so we drank a nice Beaujolais villages ;it did not affect our driving later on, don’t worry.Last but not least,we had dessert : Saint Honoré or chocolate mousse.There was hardly anything left on the plates so both desserts must have been appreciated. Even Enya had her first taste of chocolate mousse and seemed to enjoy it tremendously.We were all happily chatting and making a lot of noise and she never complained or raised an eyebrow.What an amazing little lady ! After a cup of coffee or tea we took our leave.We were all very grateful for all the attention lavished on us and for the good meal.Thank you,Maïlys and all the staff and pupils.It was a very good experience indeed.I am sure lots of people are willing to do it again ! See you soon, best regards

Patricia Jouve









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